Versalift hydraulic fluid type

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Versalift hydraulic fluid type

Bucket trucks are incredibly important to the industries that use them. Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, and it must be managed and maintained, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution and Power Transmission Industries.

Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and in business districts.

Bucket trucks are crucial to electric utilities and they are equally important to the telecommunications industry. A majority of non-mobile telecom data is transferred via overhead cabling. As a result, aerial lifts play a crucial role in the maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications network. Bucket trucks support the important work of Municipalities, Public Works and State Departments of Transportation in the service and maintenance of highway lighting, traffic signals and signage.

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Additionally, tree care companies, public parks departments and forest services need bucket trucks to care for and maintain trees on public and private lands. Aerial lifts have been the focus of Versalift in its effort to continue to innovate its engineering and manufacturing processes, and the company has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality bucket trucks to its customers, in a variety of industries, for more than 50 years.

This safety improvement allows for durable alloy controls that stand the test of time to be used instead of using plastic controls. Bucket trucks, cable placers, digger derricks and other utility trucks are the sole focus of Versalift. Because of the variety of industries served by Versalift, there are hundreds of unique lift configurations. Geography and population density are major factors in determining the best bucket trucks for a fleet.

In densely populated areas, like cities, bucket trucks need to be small and maneuverable, but still have the ability to reach as high in the air. Elevated work platforms provide flexibility to any number of construction and maintenance projects. Our popular SST line can be equipped with articulated telescopic aerial lifts, and meet that challenge.

VSTs are heavier-duty and are more powerful, and so can reach higher. Built for stability and versatility, VSTs are engineered to work in any environment. The VO line is tough, and, with its overcenter aerial lift, it has the ruggedness, side reach and power to serve the forestry and tree maintenance industry.

Aerial devices that reach well over feet are a specialty in which Versalift takes some pride.


They predominantly serve the Electric Power Transmission Industry. The Transmission Aerial line of Versalift products is the industry standard for those bucket trucks that handle the biggest jobs. Aerial lifts that put people high into the air can be dangerous.

The risk associated with working at height and around electricity can be mitigated by caution, training, and the highest level of equipment. At Versalift, we believe in only the highest standards of quality in manufacturing, and we go above and beyond the norm to design, build, and deliver the safest and most reliable aerial lifts available in the industry.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Fluid

By continuously innovating and creating new technologies to improve work effectiveness and enhance safety, Versalift has earned its reputation for quality. Bucket truck operation requires the use of a great deal of fuel. Electric Drive from Versalift saves fuel by allowing the vehicle to be switched off while an aerial lift is in operation.

Electric Drive operates during aerial run time and includes features like full flow for hydraulic tool circuit operation, battery recharge of existing truck alternator, and full power-to-tool circuit operation.

The self-contained electro-hydraulic package allows linemen to operate their aerial lifts with maximum efficiency.

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Electric Drive is designed to save fuel costs and improve efficiency on the jobsite. The engineering and sales teams at the two companies have been working together to serve fleet customers in the United States.Versalift East offers much more then just new bucket trucks as some people would first think. Our partnerships with world-class utility equipment manufacturers enable us to be your only source needed for your fleet needs as well as service, parts and training.

Versalift East also has its own in house engineering team to customize any project you might envision. Do your employees need aerial lift training? Versalift East — Parts Department stocks a large inventory of OEM Parts for all makes and types of utility equipment and trucks as well as truck accessories, safety equipment, and hydraulic tools and supplies.

Our 1st Class Service Facility with factory trained employees will service your equipment. Our number one Goal is to get your aerial lift equipment back in service and working properly as fast as possible. Versalift East has a 90 ft2 state of the art paint booth with electronic mixing room for that one of a kind custom paint job or finish. All of our facilities feature: Factory-certified technicians Preventive maintenance Service Contracts hour emergency road service Fully equipped mobile service vehicles ANSI safety inspections Dielectric testing Complete reconditioning Complete rebuild and remounts Fabrication of new hoses including Non-Conductive, High Pressure and Suction Lines.

Complete service of hydraulic systems.

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Rebuilding pumps, cylinders and control valves Full service electrical repair and rewiring. Structural welding certified technicians. View All Lifts.Discussion in ' General Signmaking Topics ' started by miguelon.

Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Nov 23, 1. Does anyone know what type of hydraulic fluid to use?

I have heard you can pick it up from Oreilleys or such Thanks for your input. Nov 23, 2. It's the same type of hydraulic fluid used in farm tractor hydraulics.

versalift hydraulic fluid type

Auto parts stores may have it, but a farm supply store will have it for sure. Nov 23, 3. That's what I was told, but the auto parts store has 3 kinds. Which of the three is it, lol.

Nov 23, 4. The manual of my versalift called for standard ATF which at first seemed odd but was in fact the spec. Nov 23, 5. ATF, is what is should be. If it is low you might have a leak. Take it to someone and have it serviced. Lives are at stake, don't mess around. Nov 23, 6. You must log in or sign up to reply here.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media.

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versalift hydraulic fluid type

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Bucket truck problem

Skyworker Bucket hydro oil? Thread starter Climbing Cutter Start date Aug 20, Climbing Cutter. Aug 20, Climbing Cutter ArboristSite Operative. I got a skywalker bucket and need to know what type of hydro oil to put in the tank.

versalift hydraulic fluid type

Is the universal hydro oil from tractor supply OK to use? I think i read some where that the skywalker buckets used 2 different types of oil for the high pressure and low pressure's systems?

My truck only has one reservoir and one pump. Thanks for any help. Aug 21, Aaction ArboristSite Member. I use 22 grade in my Abbey and GMJ lifts. The high pressure side of the system should be filled with oil designed for standard hyd systems.For most lubricated machines, there are many options when it comes to lubricant selection.

Selecting the best product for your system requires that you collect and utilize all available information. Hydraulic fluid has many roles in the smooth operation of a well-balanced and designed system.

Evergreen Hydraulic Fluid

These roles range from a heat transfer medium, a power transfer medium and a lubrication medium. The chemical makeup of a hydraulic fluid can take many forms when selecting it for specific applications. It can range from full synthetic to handle drastic temperature and pressure swings to water-based fluids used in applications where there is a risk of fire. A synthetic fluid is a manmade chain of molecules that are precisely arranged to provide excellent fluid stability, lubricity and other performance-enhancing characteristics.

There are some disadvantages to these fluids, including high cost, toxicity and potential incompatibility with certain seal materials. A petroleum fluid is a more common fluid and is made from refining crude to a desired level to achieve better lubricant performance with the inclusion of additives, which range from anti-wear AWrust and oxidation inhibitors RO and viscosity index VI improvers.

These fluids offer a lower-cost alternative to synthetics and can be very comparable in performance when certain additive packages are included. Water-based fluids are the least common of the fluid types. These fluids are typically needed where there is a high probability of fire.

They are more expensive than petroleum but less expensive than synthetics. While they offer good protection for fire, they do lack on wear protection abilities. There are three major design types of pumps used in hydraulic systems: vane, piston and gear internal and externaland each of these pump designs are deployed for certain performance tasks and operations.

Each pump type must be treated on a case-by-case basis for lubricant selection. Vane: The design of a vane pump is exactly what its name depicts.

Inside the pump, there are rotors with slots mounted to a shaft that is spinning eccentrically to a cam ring. As the rotors and vanes spin within the ring, the vanes become worn due to the internal contact between the two contacting surfaces.

What's the Best Hydraulic Oil for My Lift

For this reason, these pumps are typically more expensive to maintain, but they are very good at maintaining steady flow. Vane pumps typically require a viscosity range of 14 to centistokes cSt at operating temperatures.

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Piston: Piston pumps are your typical middle-of-the-road hydraulic pump, and are more durable in design and operation than a vane pump; they can produce much higher operating pressures, up to 6, psi. The typical viscosity range for piston pumps is 15 to cSt at operating temperatures. Gear: Gear pumps are typically the most inefficient of the three pump types, but are more agreeable with larger amounts of contamination. Gear pumps operate by pressurizing the fluid between the trapped air volume of the meshing teeth of a gear set and the inside wall of the gear housing, then expelling that fluid.

There are two main types of gear pumps, internal and external. Internal gear pumps offer a wide range of viscosity choices, the highest of which can be up to 2, cSt.

This type offers good efficiency and quiet operation, and can produce pressures from 3, to 3, psi. External gear pumps are less efficient than there counterpart, but have some advantages. They offer ease of maintenance, steady flow, and are less expensive to buy and repair.

As with the internal gear pump, this variety can produce pressures ranging from 3, to 3, psi, but the viscosity range is limited to cSt.

Application-based selection techniques are the reality checks to make sure all of the time spent selecting the proper viscosity, additives, etc. Just following OEM specifications will not be enough to ensure that the correct hydraulic oil is selected; these are typically for best-case scenarios.

Ignoring these reality checks will most often still lead to failures down the road.

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They may not be as rapid as selecting the wrong viscosity, but they will eventually happen; therefore, application and operating factors should be taken seriously. Top 5 Hydraulic Mistakes and Best Solutions.When considering hydraulic oil, a question we often receive is "which is better, AW32 or AW46?

Ultimately, there are several factors that must be considered to determine which is the better option for your lift and your shop. Oil is rated and identified by its viscosity, which determines its ability to flow at different temperatures.

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AW means Anti-Wear. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the more easily it flows. AW is neither "better nor worse" than AW The numbers refer only to the viscosity, not to the quality. Quality of the oil is determined by the manufacturer. Customers in colder climates with unheated garages or service areas may want to use AW Above ground lifts located in heated garages or warmer climates may use either AW or AW We do not recommend the use of transmission fluid because its thinner viscosity 5W can allow the oil to "weep" around hydraulic cylinder seals and transmission fluid may also reduce the "life expectancy" of the pump seals.

Hydraulic oil is available for in-store pick up at our IndianaDelawareGeorgiaArizonaFloridaOregonand Texas locations. Hydraulic oil cannot be shipped. Call or visit your nearest Greg Smith Equipment location for details.

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New posts. Search forums. Style Chooser:. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bucket truck hydro fluid. Location Cape Cod, MA. If I'm not sure the bucket truck my employer purchased had non conductive hydraulic fluid or not and I need to add some in the reservoir. Do I need to drain it and add new fluid so it's all the same or is it not an issue to mix ATF Dexron 3 with whatever might be in there.

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